Hey guys, my name is Jack James and welcome to a post in this post we will be doing a letter to my future self in ten years, In ten years I would be 24 years old which scares me so much but any way lets get on with it:
Dear Twenty-Four Year Old Self
 So what are you doing, are you traveling the world or are you making a living doing YouTube or are you taking pictures of weddings well….. what ever you are doing you better be having fun. I hope you are traveling the world, writing on this blog and I hope you are doing that but do not worry if you aren’t but make sure you are doing something fun.
 If you are not traveling or you don’t have enough money to travel, make sure you are living in a city. Preferably somewhere in America, Make sure you  you write articles for magazines at least as that is my life ambition, Please tell me that you have animals, I am hoping a dog and some kind of cat as I have never had a cat and I want a cat.. I would love to be a cat person. If you are vegetarian, I  am very happy with you but I hope you are vegan.
 You should be at the point in your life where you are happy with the way you look and you have a six pack as you know it would be really cool if you had one. I would want you to be a blood donor  as it is a easy sacrifice, You have too regularly  talk to al your family and visit everyone often. Maybe you are living your living your life and going on loads of dates all over London,  I hope you have got a good education as that is very important to go a head in society
 If you are living a boring life, do not worry just make it exiting after you read it,
From 14 year old Jack
So guys thanks for reading
Goodbye xx

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