9 things about me

Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to mine and Ceri’s joint blog. We decided to share a blog as there is not that much time as a teenager so we decided to share so there will be posts at least once a week from one of us (BTW Ceri is my cousin) So in this post we will be doing 9 facts about me:

1. I am obsessed with TV shows such as Hollyoaks (which I have watched for 7 years), IZombie (I watched the 2 seasons in 2 weeks) and How I met your mother (I used to watch it repeatedly)
2. I love photography It is something I enjoy so much and I love going out taking photos of different  things and at school my favourite subject is photography
3.  I want to become a journalist I find it really fun writing and a lot of people find it boring but I find it amazing
4. I would love to travel the world I would love to visit every country but if I had to visit 3 countries I would visit New York, Paris and Venice
5. I have never broken a bone This is quite a strange one as I have fallen over so many times. I guess I am quite lucky
6. I have a YouTube channel This is to plug in my YouTube channel. On there I upload anything from skits to Tags so do check that out
7.  I love Italian Food It is my favourite food such as lasagne, pizza and they are the makers of pizza and meatballs.
8. I want to live in America My dream is to live in New York and write for a newspaper. It looks so good in the movies when it is snowing and Hyde park in the summer
9. I love acting, Acting is just amazing and I love writing lines. Soon I will be performing as a judge in a school play and we will be doing Oliver and I cannot wait

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