What Type Of Person Am I?

Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to a post in this post I will be one of those weird Buzzfeed quizzes part from it is a site called ProProf. So lets get on with it:

  1. How would you describe your personality?


I would say I am all of these but out of these I would say I am ambitious

2. Which career would you rather pursue?


I actually want to become a journalist so the nearest to that is a writer

3. It is a quiet afternoon and you’re getting a bit bored. What do you decide to do?


Out of all of these, I wouldn’t really do any of them but if I had to I would probably read

4. What is your favourite film genre?


I like all of these genres but if I would choose one it would be romance

5. You decide to be ambitious this summer and sign up for some summer courses. Which course do you sign up for?

bandicam 2016-11-27 22-22-19-264.jpg

None of these sound interesting so I chose randomly and I got sales and marketing

6. What’s your favourite type of animal?


I like all flowers but I picked poppies because they are all the same

7. Which famous figure inspires you most?


None of these people inspire me but if any one it would probably be Mahatma Gandhi because he was a people rights activist

8. You and your friends are trying to stay active so you decide to join some classes at the local gym. Which class do you sign up?


I would probably put self defence because I already do Taekwondo so that’s good

9. What is your zodiac sign?

bandicam 2016-11-27 22-45-16-269.jpg

I was born on June 30th so my zodiac sign is Cancer

10. What is your favourite fruit?

bandicam 2016-11-28 20-05-37-900.jpg
















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