Five Things I wish I could Eat Guilt Free

Hey guys, my name is Jack James and welcome to a post. In this post we will be doing foods I wish I could eat guilt free. There are loads of foods but these are just my favourite. Before starting I just wanna say, I am going on a no sugar diet for the whole of February so this is gonna make me crave sweet things and it haven’t even started, So lets get into it:

5. Ice Cream : You wouldn’t believe how nice it would be to have a nice Mister Whippy Ice-cream or a nice bowl of soft scoop ice-cream!

4. White and Dairy Milk Chocolate: I love strawberries and grapes dipped in melted chocolate. I also love slabs of chocolate but TBH I would just eat it all

3. Cupcakes- I love any type of cakes. Cupcakes, Carrot cake, Victoria sponge and basically all types of cakes

2. Cheese Cake-This should be number one but it is not. I just love cheese cake. Any cheesecake TBH but my favourite one is Double chocolate

1. Biscuits– Yet again any biscuits are good. Shortbread, Oreos, digestive biscuits and Maryland cookies are my favourite.

So guys, thank you very much for reading if you enjoyed it please do leave a comment and remember bookmark my page

Jack James




5 thoughts on “Five Things I wish I could Eat Guilt Free

  1. I can totally relate to this post. At the moment we are trying to reduce the amount of additives and processed foods we have in our diet. So many nice things have been banned, I think I miss ice cream the most.


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