5 things I want to do that I have never done before

Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to a post. In this post we will be doing five things I have never ever done before that I really, really want to do. It is ish like a bucket list but most of these are a bit out stretched. So lets get into it:

5. Get a tan – ooh in my life, I have never ever had a tan. I had a really light one but nothing dark

4. Dye my hair – I would love to dye m hair this bluey greeny neony colour because it looks really nice. I am probably gonna do it in the summer but we will see.

3. Get a tattoo – I do not want to get one that people can see because I wouldn’t be able to get a lot of jobs with a tattoo on my face or hands or arms etc. Maybe a few stars on my back

2. Buy a real nice watch – I love a watch. It is so nice because you don’t have to whip out your phone to check the time you just look at your wrist. I also love saying “time you get  watch”24dd01bff803c75cf11a7fd2861fa531.jpg

  1. Visit Brighton- I have never been to Brighton but the amount of Youtubers who live there it must be a good place. Zoe likes to say that there is different parts of Brighton which is cool.

So guys, thank you very much for reading my post. if you enjoyed it please leave a comment and tell me what you would live to see on this blog.

Jack xxx



Prezzo In Blandford Forum

Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to a post. In this post I will be doing my first ever restaurant review. I went here for my sisters sixteenth birthday and it was really delicious. I can not describe how scrumptious the pizza base.

IMG_2309 (2)IMG_2319 (2)IMG_2343 (2)

Food Rating – 5/5

The food was generally lush. They had starters, which I didn’t have any because everyone gets filled up quickly. Anyway, I had a goat cheese, spinach and pepper pizza with parmesan cheese (dead sock cheese) sprinkled over the pizza. It was a VIP pizza which means it was massive and it was so nice. The base was not even dry and it tasted so good. For pudding I had a Mini dessert which means I can have a smallish dessert with a hot drink. I had a Banana and Nutella calzone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The only problem with it was that I had to pick it up with my hands as it was really hard to eat with a spoon

Menu -5/5

Well as you saw from the menu above it was pretty big and that wasn’t even the only menu. There was that menu which had starters and main in. A dessert menu which had all the desserts in details in. Then a drinks menu which I will get into at the drinks station. I am one of those people who likes plenty of choice but don’t want too much stuff as it would be difficult choice. They had different headings for each section so it was easy to read. There was starters bit and they had a wide range but I didn’t have any. Then the rest was split up pizza, executive pizzas, calzones, risotto, and I am not sure what else.


Euhhgg, I wasn’t actually sure about it because as I am only fourteen. I couldn’t have any alcoholic beverages so I was stuck with the basic soft drinks. The coke was nice and they constantly asked if we needed any water and we got through about four jugs and it had ice it so it was good.

Atmosphere/ Decoration- 4/5

Well… It was so good in there. There was candles on a feature wall kind of thing. There was music in the background and it wasn’t too bad

Price- 3/5

It was pretty well priced but it did come to a lot of money with everyone there. TBH my pizza which was massive and being the best pizza I ever have had in my life was about £10.50.

Thankyou so much for reading my post if you want me to do more reviews about anything please comment and I shall make it happen. 

From Jack xxx



Blog Post Ideas

Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to a post. In this post I will be telling you … blog post ideas. These are the type of videos I would post and I might post them one day. So lets get into it:

  1. Morning routine
  2. Evening Routine
  3. Tags
  4. Lists
  5. Day post
  6. Recipes
  7. Café/ Restaurants review
  8. Book Review
  9. Film Review
  10. Step to Step guide of how to do things
  11. A walk or bike ride or run you have done recently
  12. An interview with someone who inspires you
  13. Things I wish I knew before I started ……
  14. Ten things about me
  15. A list of people who …….. me
  16. About me post
  17. Write about something you do
  18. A list of hobbies

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed it please leave a comment and make sure you follow my page. If you write any of the posts please leave a comment down below telling me about them.

Jack xxx

Interview with ‘Wander with Laura’


Hey guys, my name is Jack James and welcome to a post in this post we will be doing an interview with a travel blogger called Wander with Laura. Her blog posts are really good and I am so happy she answered me back. I read her blog posts and it makes me think what I am doing with my life. So lets get into it:

1.What made you start blogging?

I’ve always loved writing and had personal ‘diary’ blogs privately for years. Then, one day in uni, I decided that it would be a great move for my CV to start a real blog.  The first thing I wrote about was beauty before moving onto lifestyle and then travel!

2. What is your favourite thing about blogging and why?

Having a creative output is amazing and really challenges you to work at something for yourself. As part of my Marketing jobs, I’ve used social media, websites and similar tools to blogging but this is something that you can make completely your own.

3. What bit of blogging dont you like and why?

I find blogging tough these days. I started almost five years ago and since then, the world has become so much more professional with bloggers earning huge tons of money. You ‘need’ proper equipment and knowledge to get started and make headway and this can be discouraging compared to the days where anybody had a shot.

 4. What do you like doing in your spare time?7

In my spare time – aside from blogging – you’ll find me watching films, reading and eating (a lot). My friends mean the world to me and I spend as much time with them as possible!

 5.What would make you stop blogging?
I came close to throwing the towel in on my blog for the reasons above. But at the end of the day, having the memories to look back on and experience will be an amazing thing so Wander with Laura lives on!
6. What is your favourite social media and why?
 Instagram is my favourite. For travel blogging especially, this allows you to paint a picture of your journeys so I can’t get enough of it. My handle is @wanderingwithlaura by the way 😉
7. If you could give one piece of advise to a new blogger what would it be?
 Try not to get bogged down with the competition. Stay true to yourself and don’t force yourself to embrace anything that doesn’t feel right.
8. What is your favorite country, you have ever been to and why?
  This is a really hard one! I’m visiting so many new countries over the next few months that this could change but for city breaks, Krakow in Poland is brilliant – affordable and beautiful! Switzerland has scenery unlike anything I’ve seen and I’m currently in Indonesia that has also captured my heart. Sorry, I just can’t choose!
Thank you guys for reading if you enjoyed it please leave a comment and tell me who I should interview next. If you are a blogger or some kind of an internet personality and you would like to be interviewed drop your email down below or email me myblog3006@gmail.com . Make sure you check out all the pages mention.
Jack xxx