5 Favorite Songs

Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to my blog. In this post, I am going to be doing my favourite songs of April or songs I have listened to a lot as that usually means I like them. So lets get into it:

5. Castle on the hill– this masterpiece made by the legend Ed Sheeran. He is a great person and whenever he is on the news he doesn’t boast about anything.


4. This Town– I don’t know why I only just heard this song by Nial Horan but it is amazing and anyone who doesn’t like it, because it is amazing and I am very picky with music


3. Beneath you are beautiful– This song by Labrinth FT Emile Sande, is my most played song on my phone.

2. These Days– So this one is by Take That. Ever since I started listening to music, I would be listening to Take That and now they came back.

1:  I love my life– A song made by Robbie Williams, it is surprising because all his songs are really good but this one is defiantly my favourite.

hqdefault.jpgSo guys, thankyou for reading my post. If you are enjoying 31 days may please tell me by following my page.

Jack xxxx



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