Seven Things I have learnt from Seven Months of Blogging



Hey guys, my name is Jack and welcome to my blog. In this post, I will be doing seven things I have learnt from seven months of blogging. I am doing this so I can say thank-you for a great seven months. I am also doing this so people do not make the same mistakes as I did. So lets get into it:

7.  I have learnt to value everyone who comes on my blog, instead of a very few people I listen to!

6. Something, I also learnt is to be myself always. People would rather be reading someone who is being there selves and not faking to get readers. I tried to be someone else at the start instead of natural me because I thought I was boring.

5. That other bloggers are a great source for inspiration- This is something which I thought was wrong. You cannot copy but you can look at a post and think you could do something like that

4. I won’t get anything, If I don’t ask, I wont get. This can be anything from asking for products or just simply emailing a blogger to do an interview, I just have to ask.

3. It does take time- This is obvious to be honest and when I started I expected to have 1000 views on my first post. That was pretty outrageous dream but you know you can dream.

2. There will be haters- With everything in life, there will be people telling you that you shouldn’t be on the internet. You shouldn’t let people bring you down and you have to remember that they don’t have to read your blog.

1:  Last of all, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting views it will come when it will come. You shouldn’t spam people or anything because they wont want to check it out.

So thank-you for reading my post. If you enjoyed it please leave a comment and follow my page for more posts.

Jack xxx


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